Supra Coffee – Ethiopia


Supra Coffee – Ethiopia Product Description:

Supra Coffee- Ethiopia coffee beans are the best in taste. These beans are balanced and fruity. Like candy, but make it super fresh and floral. This Ethiopian gem pushes all of our buttons. This product is available in 250 Grams quantity.


Best For: All brewing methods

Roast Level: Medium

Origin: Ethiopia

Tasting Notes: Blackberry, Tangerine, Peach Marmalade

Process: Natural

Varietal: Heirloom

Altitude: 1950m


Body: High

Acidity: Low

Sweetness: Medium

Flavour: High

About Ethiopia Guji Shakiso:

This dry-processed coffee from Ethiopia’s Guji region strikes your palate.  As you sip, its heavy body greets your palate with strong flavors of strawberry. Also, berries with a pleasant chocolate sweetness. Hence, Our Ethiopia Guji Shakiso coffee’s mild acidity. Hence they allows these beautiful flavors. Therefore it makes them shine through in this truly special coffee.

Growing Process:

Grown at some of the highest altitude coffee farms in the world. In fact, this coffee originates from the Kayon Mountain Coffee Farm. The farm lives in the shadows of evergreens. Hence,  that provide a multi-canopy structure where the deep red and brown top-layer of the volcanic soil bursts.

It is home to a huge variety of geographical sub-regions. Ranging from dry sandy deserts in the extreme east to lush tropical jungles. They have an exceptional topography that is scintillating.


Ethiopia first started exporting coffee in the 15th century. Coffee was brought by Somali merchants to Yemen where Sufi mystics drank it. so that they could better concentrate on their chanting. A couple of centuries later, Ethiopian Orthodox Church banned coffee altogether.

After that, Ethiopia coffee production and export soared. Today, coffee accounts for about 70% of all export earnings. And is essential to the country’s economy.

Besides being one of the greatest coffee producers. They are first in Africa and the fifth in the world. Ethiopia is also one of the world’s biggest consumers of coffee. Also, Ethiopians go through 1.8 million bags of coffee per year, about half of the amount they produce.

Climate And Cultivation:

Ethiopia is located along the global coffee belt. In between the tropic of Cancer and the tropic of Capricorn. Hence, this region around the equator is endowed with mild temperatures and plenty of rain. Which are the optimal climate for growing coffee.

In fact, coffee-growing conditions in Ethiopia are so good that agricultural chemicals in cultivation are rarely needed.

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